All Buddies products inclusive of Buddies Slipp Mats, Ball and Containers are made from the highest quality USP6 platinum cured silicone

About Us

Buddies® offer a wide range of accessories including Buddies folding scissors, electric grinders, clear grinders, mini metal grinders, vacuumed sealed bags and many many more.

Buddies® storage containers are second to none! The Super Slipp Silicone Container are made of highest grade USP6 platinum cured silicone. Nothing sticks to our Super Slipp containers making collection very simple. Super Slipp containers allows you to use the clingiest substance with no mess or waste and we guarantees 100% recovery every time .They are made to be washable and airtight so you reuse as many times as you want.

Buddies® makes some of the best silicone products on the market today, and our grinders and Slipp Mats are very popular.

Try Buddies smoking accessories today, and we’re sure they’ll be your new best buddy!