All Buddies products inclusive of Buddies Slipp Mats, Ball and Containers are made from the highest quality USP6 platinum cured silicone

Super Slipp Qube

The Buddies® Super Slipp Qube offers maximum space for your concentrates. It comes with 2 separate areas to store different blends in the one container. Added to this is the included Qube Tool, this specifically designed spacula ensures Zero waste.

Product Information

Recover 100% every time. Engineered specifically for concentrates, the Buddies® Super Slipp Qube allows you to use the stickiest resin with no waste or mess. Nothing sticks to the Super Slipp Qube! Rectangle design with 2 compartments, lid and included tool to manipulate your concentrates.• 100% USP class 6 platinum cured silicone
• Waterproof
• Airtight
• Shatterproof
• Non stick / Super Slipp
• Comes with a mini metal spatula
• Holds up to 6ml
• Size: 2.5″ x 1.5″ x 1”